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Mexico Relying More on Natural Gas For its Energy and Economic Reforms

There are more than 14 pipeline projects in Mexico costing $7.4bn and running for 2,360 miles across the country. Mexico’s natural gas sector expected to expand in length by over 90% in the next three years and will have 13-15,000 miles of gas pipelines. Continue reading

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Gas Flaring – a Multi-billion Dollar Energy Waste Affecting the World Environment Badly

Nearly 3.5% (140 billion cubic meters of natural gas) of the world’s natural gas supply is wastefully burned. To quantify this in other words – this amount of gas is enough to provide the combined annual natural gas consumption of Germany and France. Continue reading

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The unconstructed Malaysia’s oil and gas fields

Currently, Malaysia is experiencing a vast growth in industries demanding for increased gas production to fuel this. Following a report by Bernama national news agency, Malaysia has so far discovered over 200 oil and gas fields. Continue reading

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EU Official Believes Iran Will Be Major Supplier of Gas

The goal is for Europe to get a privileged access to these oil resources and the economic benefits before American and Chinese companies move i Continue reading

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Total sells off St Fergus gas terminal and pipeline interests for $907 Million

Total has signed a deal to sell off all its interests in the St Fergus gas terminal in Aberdeenshire. Continue reading

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Iraqi Higher Energy Committee authorizes $13b LNG deal with Shell, Mitsubishi

The Iraqi Higher Energy Committee confirmed a LNG agreement with multinational oil and gas companies Shell and Mitsubishi of $13 billion (Dh45.5 billion) to develop and enhance the southern gas fields of Zubair, Rumaila and West Qurna near Basra throughout … Continue reading

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Consumption of Natural gas to generate electricity increases, trade group takes on shale gas reports

Usage of Natural Gas in 2010 to generate electricity was higher by 38% than that in 2001, while it was greater this year, about seven billion cubic feet per day more than 2010, reports U.S. Energy Information Administration on Wednesday.

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