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Mexico Relying More on Natural Gas For its Energy and Economic Reforms

There are more than 14 pipeline projects in Mexico costing $7.4bn and running for 2,360 miles across the country. Mexico’s natural gas sector expected to expand in length by over 90% in the next three years and will have 13-15,000 miles of gas pipelines. Continue reading

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Gas Flaring – a Multi-billion Dollar Energy Waste Affecting the World Environment Badly

Nearly 3.5% (140 billion cubic meters of natural gas) of the world’s natural gas supply is wastefully burned. To quantify this in other words – this amount of gas is enough to provide the combined annual natural gas consumption of Germany and France. Continue reading

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What The Pipeline Deal Means To Poland And The Baltic States

The three Baltic States will be signing a deal with Poland to build a gas pipeline that will run from Poland to Lithuania. Continue reading

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Iran Plans to Cut Import Dependency

National Iranian Gas Company’s Managing Director Javad Owji was quoted as saying that Iran is planning to launch a new pipeline to reduce dependency on gas imports from Turkmenistan and boost supplies to its northern provinces.

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U. S. Alerts Gas Industry about Increasing Cyberattacks

SINCE LAST DECEMBER, the U.S. is very concerned about gas pipeline companies as they are being targeted with sophisticated phishing attacks. The information came to light after the Department of Homeland Security dealt with plenty of incidents since March.

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PG&E to Replace an Old Gas Line in North Sutter County

  PG&E is all set to replace a natural gas line laid along highway 99 between Yuba City and Live Oak dating back to the Eisenhower administration days.

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TransCanada Alaska gas pipeline has no takers

TransCanada Corp proposed a $40 billion natural gas pipeline from the North Slope through Canada has no customers lined up despite dialogues and a competitive project’s death. A company official testified to the Senate Resource Committee of the Alaska Legislature.

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