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Natural Gas Gains Prominence in Global Markets

The preference towards natural gas in global energy markets will give rise to new economic growth opportunities and environmental efficiency. The demand for cleaner-burning natural gas will increase with the demand for global energy.

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Frenetic Asian demand excites investment in Australian LNG

One of the biggest LNG projects is subduing to build the biggest ever energy project to curb Qatar’s leash on the natural gas export market.

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TransCanada Alaska gas pipeline has no takers

TransCanada Corp proposed a $40 billion natural gas pipeline from the North Slope through Canada has no customers lined up despite dialogues and a competitive project’s death. A company official testified to the Senate Resource Committee of the Alaska Legislature.

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New York Times and Energy Companies lock horns over natural gas talks

Recent series of articles by The New York Times voiced scepticism on the shale natural gas boom, stating that companies greatly exaggerated the amount of natural gas they could actual get out of the ground. E-mails and documents collected by … Continue reading

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