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MIT Chemists Develop a Catalyst to Covert Greenhouse Gas into Gasoline

The team of chemists at MIT has developed a new catalyst material for producing liquid fuels from CO2, which is the main component of greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

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Natural Gas Production Not the Cause of Excess Methane Gas

A study which appeared in the journal Nature used vast ancient and new atmospheric samples and it gives a boost to the gas industry’s side of the argument about methane leak. Continue reading

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Vapours of Methane Gas Getting Released along the U.S. West Coast

From Northern California to British Columbia, along the west coast in the U.S., our mother Earth’s got a case of the toots. Scientists during the deep ocean mapping survey have found out that a geologically-active strip of seafloor called the ‘Cascadia Subduction Zone’ is bubbling methane like mad. Continue reading

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Natural Gas Power Generation Surpasses Coal in the USA

The greater emphasis on environmental issues as the damage was irrevocable and much more detrimental dramatically changed the scenario of the coal power in the country. Also at the same time came a significant and likely permanent drop in natural gas prices by the fracking revolution. Continue reading

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Increased Usage of Natural Gas for Power Generation in the USA – Blessing or Curse

Natural gas-fired electricity generation was always second to coal-fired power plants in the USA in terms of the megawatts generated from the respective fuel.

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The rising acceptance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary power

With the commitment of the entire world towards achieving the objectives and terms of Paris COOP over climate change, the demand for natural gas is on the continuous rise. It is impossible to meet these targets without increasing usage of natural gas instead of coal for the generation of electric energy. Continue reading

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Pacific NorthWest LNG project Under Serious Controversy due to Climate Change Concern

Pacific NorthWest LNG project backed by Petronas, in British Columbia, Canada is being questioned by a group of international climate change experts. More than ninety scientist and experts across the globe have written an open letter to Canada’s Environment minister Catherine McKenna. Continue reading

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Gas Flaring – a Multi-billion Dollar Energy Waste Affecting the World Environment Badly

Nearly 3.5% (140 billion cubic meters of natural gas) of the world’s natural gas supply is wastefully burned. To quantify this in other words – this amount of gas is enough to provide the combined annual natural gas consumption of Germany and France. Continue reading

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US committed to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions

At an event in Lautoka this week, the US ambassador for Fiji, , Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga and Tuvalu, Judith Beth Cefkin said that the US was committed to reducing its net greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by the year 2025.

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