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Will U.S. Become the Largest Supplier of LNG to Asia?

The U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has reached Asia, after 18 months of exporting to around 35% of all U.S. The giants of Asia want to use more natural gas and reduce their reliance on coal. Continue reading

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Energy Giants Seek to Boost Qatar’s Gas Expansion Despite Crisis

Doha may get a timely boost from the West’s three biggest energy corporations who are reportedly urging Qatar to take part in a huge expansion of its gas production despite the recent bitter dispute with Gulf Arab neighbours. Continue reading

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The Kemper County Plant forced to Start Using Natural Gas

The Southern Company and Mississippi Power has made an announcement in the last week that, their clean coal power plant project Kemper County Power Plant in rural Mississippi will be finally turning into a natural gas power plant. Continue reading

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South Korea Announces Huge Investments in the USA Natural Gas Industry

The Trump administration which kicked off the White House’s “Energy Week,” has had an overwhelming response from South Korean companies. Within a day from the start of “Energy Week” the South Korea’s energy companies announced four major partnerships with the US companies to enter the natural gas business in the US. Continue reading

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Scientists Highlight Natural Gas Risks & Dispute Climate Benefits

Natural gas, does it really offer hope in the fight against climate change? A trio of foreign think tank feels that natural gas could be offering false hope in the context of climate change. Continue reading

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Saudi Strife With Qatar Rooted in Gas Has 22-Year History

Saudi Arabia recently cut ties with Qatar however this has been looming since 1995. The strife has a long history with hints of impacts in future too. The key to this strife is rooted in natural gas. Continue reading

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Understanding the LNG War between Qatar and US

The U.S. stands poised to be the new biggest global LNG exporter uncrowning Qatar with its 30 planned LNG terminals and six more terminals under construction. Continue reading

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Qatar’s Gulf Dispute Unnerves Global LNG Market

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf associates cut ties with the world’s top seller of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Qatar, recently. This has created reverberating concerns over LNG supply disruptions to both neighbouring countries and the global gas markets. Continue reading

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Natural Gas – A New Option for Vehicles

Natural Gas, an odourless and colourless mixture of hydrocarbons, is considered as the cleanest fossil fuel and has myriad commercial applications including transportation. It is regarded by fuel practitioners as an alternate fuel option for future. Continue reading

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Natural Gas Set To Change Ways On Powering Homes In Japan

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a significant facet of the energy mix of Japan, and according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the country is the largest LNG importer on the globe. Continue reading

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