Natural Gas Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

Natural gas energy has become globally trendy over the last few years. It is a vital source of energy and an asset to the global economy with its multitude of applications in sectors ranging from residential to electric power, transportation, and more. And, here’s a roundup of the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas energy.

What is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a mixture of gases that are rich in hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon compounds), and exists in a gaseous state and is mainly composed of methane (CH4).

Advantages of Natural Gas Energy

1. Environmentally Clean: Among burning fossil fuels, natural gas tops it as the cleanest. The level of byproducts disseminated to the environment as pollutants is limited. The natural gas also burns without releasing any sulfur dioxide or soot.

2. Economical: Natural gas is cheaper as compared to other burning fuels. And, the law of demand and supply typically does not significantly affect natural gas prices.

3. Safe to use and easy to store: Natural gas is one of the most efficient sources of energy, and also has many modes of storage. Also, since natural gas is lighter than air, it dissipates quickly and avoids fire.

4. Availability and reduced dependency: Some recent gas studies show that the gas reserves are assured for many years to come. This makes natural gas a reliable alternative and cuts down the over-reliance on foreign oil.

Disadvantages of Natural Gas Energy

1. Highly Combustive: Natural gas is highly combustible, and as natural gas is lighter than air and odourless, it is very difficult to detect any leakages.

2. Non-Renewable Energy Source: Natural gas is considered as a non-renewable energy source. And, there are many experts who point at the depletion of the gas.

3. Source of violence and terrorism: Gas is reportedly drilled from the Middle East and African countries. These countries have worst records of dictatorship, and the revenue generated from the natural gas sale reportedly drives violence and funds terror organizations.

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