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Natural Gas Production Not the Cause of Excess Methane Gas

A study which appeared in the journal Nature used vast ancient and new atmospheric samples and it gives a boost to the gas industry’s side of the argument about methane leak. Continue reading

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Vapours of Methane Gas Getting Released along the U.S. West Coast

From Northern California to British Columbia, along the west coast in the U.S., our mother Earth’s got a case of the toots. Scientists during the deep ocean mapping survey have found out that a geologically-active strip of seafloor called the ‘Cascadia Subduction Zone’ is bubbling methane like mad. Continue reading

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Natural Gas May not be Cheap Anymore

In the recent past as the shale gas drillers continued to explore and drill new wells and kept on breaking records with higher and higher production, caused the glut of natural gas resulting in a drastic dip in the prices. Continue reading

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United States LNG Exports on Continuous Rise

United States LNG export is rising speedily. In the first six months of the year 2016, it has already exported nearly 50 Bcf of LNG. The U.S. is sure to play a dominant role in LNG market in near future. Continue reading

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