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The rising acceptance of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as primary power

With the commitment of the entire world towards achieving the objectives and terms of Paris COOP over climate change, the demand for natural gas is on the continuous rise. It is impossible to meet these targets without increasing usage of natural gas instead of coal for the generation of electric energy. Continue reading

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What Are The Major Factors Affecting Natural Gas Prices?

The major factors that change gas prices are the fluctuating world markets. Everyone in the world can trade natural gas, and it is something that is always forcing the prices to move around. Everyone who wants to get into the … Continue reading

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Pacific NorthWest LNG project Under Serious Controversy due to Climate Change Concern

Pacific NorthWest LNG project backed by Petronas, in British Columbia, Canada is being questioned by a group of international climate change experts. More than ninety scientist and experts across the globe have written an open letter to Canada’s Environment minister Catherine McKenna. Continue reading

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