New Wells Hope To End Bangladesh Gas Shortages

Chevron, an international oil giant and largest foreign investor in the Bangladeshi energy industry, has started new production on two wells located in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The goal of these wells is to aid in easing the energy shortages the country suffers from.

Over a year ago, Chevron began the campaign for drilling in the Jalalabad field. Now that all systems go, the company should produce around 130 million ft³ of gas per day. The second well should begin production around the start of the year.

The Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources for Bangladesh stated that the country has a goal of becoming a middle-income nation by 2021. Still, in the current energy-hungry state, that would not be possible. The Jalalabad field is crucial in supplying gas to the country to allow for that growth. Without the indigenous gas in this area and no gas reserves in the country, Bangladesh would have been forced to import fuel oil and gas, costing an enormous amount of money.

While the Jalalabad gas field was discovered in 1989, it didn’t get online until 1999 but has been performing with constant efficiency since 2001. Chevron Bangladesh is responsible for supplying the country with more than half of the total gas output, around 1.5 billion cubic feet per day. The company has been on hand for over ten years, aiding the country in reducing its need to import energy. However, more wells need to be drilled as Bangladesh currently has around 500 million cubic feet of gas in shortages each day.

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