Wasteful consumption of natural gas in Iran 


Credit: psc.wi.gov

It was announced earlier; by the National Iranian Gas Company that Iran might not have adequate gas to be supplied in homes in future. This will happen if no actions will be put in place to counter the wasteful use of this fuel. Iran is known to consume energy three times more than should be actually consumed. This consumption level has to be drastically reduced in order to match up with the set international levels. If this does not happen, then there will not be enough fuel in Iran for commercial and residential use in few years’ time.

Statistics were carried out and analyzed and it was concluded that Iran uses about 163 billion units of gas, every year. This level of consumption is ranked number three worldwide. These statistics also prove that the level of consumption in Iran is higher than the level of production, which is an abnormal behavior. Iran has made efforts to import a certain amount of gas from Turkmenistan. However, this has not proven to be a long lasting remedy for this gas problem.

Iran’s gas reserves harbors approximately 33.6 trillion units of natural fuel. Over the past decade, Iran has been the number one gas producer in the Middle East. However, analysts have sufficient data to prove that Iran has not exploited its maximum potential as far as gas is concerned. There are some underlying factors as to why this has not been possible. Some of these factors include mismanagement of funds and misuse of native energy.

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