Why use a natural gas powered generator?

Gas generator

Electric companies have become rich due to the high energy costs in America. A way to save the planet and your wallet is by choosing a gas powered generator. It is greener and can save a lot of money in the long run with the prices of gas verses electricity.

Why not Propane?

Blackouts have become common the last few decades and citizens like to be prepared for any natural disaster. If you know anything about the gas business, there is a distinct difference between natural gas and propane. While some may choose a propane generator, which is the consumer’s personal preference, it doesn’t have the same perks as natural gas does. Propane might produce more energy at one time, but it will last a shorter amount of time. Being the by-product of petroleum refining and natural gas processing, it is not very Eco-friendly. Whereas natural gas is over 30% more earth friendly than its nearest competitor.

How It Works

Natural gas can power smaller units for smaller spaces whereas propane may not. This can help when one is on a budget or resources are slim to none. If you are trying to heat a larger amount of square footage, you will need a bigger unit that will use a larger amount of natural gas. Whether you have a large or a small unit, natural gas will save more money and energy than any other resource that is available.

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