Alaska: Looking Forward to Progress with Natural Gas


Alaska is on the cusp of joining other areas which have more affordable natural gas. In the far north, a region containing outstanding renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, Alaskans pay some of the United States’ highest rates for energy. The prices of gas fluctuate as does the cost of any other energy source, yet gas business depends on stability of supply to smooth over the rough-and-tumble spikes of any market. To address this issue, Alaska has moved forward to establish the LNG Project, which will utilize the untapped resources the North Slope has to offer, estimated to be as much as 25 per cent. By 2016, the Project will develop understanding regarding the long-term success of the North Slope commercialization, which is important to the continued growth of the area. Major oil producers in Alaska as well as Trans-Canada ensure that their expert leadership will guide the state to fulfill its potential to the benefit of business and private citizens alike.

Alaska will join in the progress of other Arctic communities, such as Iceland and Norway, which have capitalized on their resources to construct a matrix of support to their citizens’ energy needs. These countries thrive by either developing widespread infrastructure or reducing the rates. Natural gas is an Alaskan resource which will give revenue to the state in the form of providing jobs, returning the state’s investment, and supplying affordable energy to residences and business. By using natural gas in combination with local renewable resources, the energy burden which Alaska faces will be a challenge met and conquered.

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