Houston Hosts North American LNG Fuel Supply Seminar

Creative Commons/BitjungleLNG, due to its appropriateness for the highest horsepower applications, is used as the most preferred fuel for transportation.

On the energy equivalency basis, now that the prices of domestic natural gas are one tenth the price of diesel, several project developers are now planning to offer facilities for producing liquefied natural gas (LNG) for ships, trucks, locomotives, and other heavy-duty consumers.

Many leading producers of LNG will be presenting their plans and projects in the one-day seminar titled “North American LNG Fuel Supply” which is scheduled to be held on 13th December in Houston, USA. The presentations will cover the most important aspects related to LNG production such as the future of gas market, how the plant expansions will take place etc. The seminar will also throw a light on those areas where demand is likely to be greatest.

Image Credits: Creative Commons/Bitjungle

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