India Braces for LPG Distributors Strike on Oct 1

People across Congress-ruled India are probably going to get thrown back into Stone Age on October 1, 2012 when LGP distributors go on a token strike against the government’s decision of capping the subsidized cylinders in the country.

All India LPG Distributors’ Federation and National Federation of LPG Distributors of India point out the abnormalities in the distribution and price system laid down by the government. Although the government has capped subsidized cylinders to 6 per household in a year and 9 in Congress ruled states, there is no system to keep a tab on the number of subsidized cylinders given to each household. In addition, no mention of an uniform pricing system will further fuel black marketing.

Until the government introduces a proper monitoring procedure and sets some fixed service charges and commission for distributors on subsidized and market-price cylinders, the federations’ will stop home delivery of cylinders from October 1.

Earlier there were two categories of LPG cylinders – domestic and commercial. Now with introduction of subsidized cylinder, the government has created three categories – subsidized (6 or 9 cylinders), non-subsidized, commercial and exempt (schools, hospitals, temples, etc. that will continue to receive all cylinders at subsidized rates).

If the distributors’ demands are not met, they have threatened to go on an indefinite strike.

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