Miocene Sands and Gas Shows Near Mediterranean Offshore

A group lead by GeoGlobal Resources Inc., Calgary has located interesting rocks and gas shows at the Myra-1 wildcat in the Mediterranean offshore. It will also move the Noble Homer Ferrington semi-submersible to the Sara-1 wildcat location.

According to GeoGlobal, the company will proceed with the project to analyze and gaze at the potential of drilling on the license more. The project will also include the process of sidetracking of Myra-1 well, which has been plugged and abandoned, added GeoGlobal. Drilling for oil at Sara-1, an equally important wildcat location, will start by the end of September this year. The drill will go down to 4,000 m subsea in about 50 days.

Wireline logs found at the Myra-1 wildcat location revealed the presence of high-quality Lower Miocene sands equivalent in age to the Tamar sands and gas shows which point towards an active hydrocarbon system on the Myra license.

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