State benefits from the Most Efficient & Cleanest Gas Plant

The 300-megawatt Lodi Energy Center is being touted as the future of the gas plant to generate electricity. The German manufacturer Siemens A.G. has designed and built the turbine. The turbine features a quick start capacity, enabling the facility to generate electricity to its full capacity immediately.

This is the cleanest and efficient natural gas-powered fuel plant in California. The plant will be operating by mid-September, producing electricity to pump water by the California Aqua Duct and run Bart trains. Additionally, it will also be able to power homes and businesses in Healdsburg and Ukiah. Healdsburg and Ukiah belong to 16-member Northern California Power Agency. This Agency has built the $451 million plant.

The plant’s reaction is positive and expectant as it will be powered by a fossil fuel that is abundantly available in the US. The plant’s quick-start feature will enable the plant to cut down around 30% of greenhouse emissions. The operators of the plant can match production to meet market demand. This will decrease the costs to the consumer.

The NCPA officials stated that the plant would be used for backup for renewable sources of electricity such as wind, solar and thermal that are subject to the weather in the future.

The increase of renewables will see less and less use of this plant. It will always be available to back them. The plant also features a steam-powered turbine that runs by the natural gas-powered turbine. Water from Lodi is reclaimed to be used in the steam-generating process and the cooling system of the power plant.

The plant has been applauded for its high-end technology, reliability and job creation. About one-third of the electricity generated from the plant will be used by the state Department of Water Resources for pumping water in the aqueducts for millions of residents. The plant will be contributing to many other participants.

The city’s electricity rate schedule is a determining factor in some of the plant’s costs.

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