Marcellus Shale: Top Natural Gas Field of the United States

The figures from energy industry analysts and the federal government depict that Marcellus Shale will be the most productive natural gas field in the US.

Though drilling started only five years ago, Marcellus production is remarkable. Despite New York debates over its portion of shale lying under large regions of Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, it’s not going to look back.

In July, the total output from West Virginia and Pennsylvania wells was approximately 7.4 billion cubic feet per day, which is more than twice the 3.6 billion ft³ produced in April. This shows more than 25 % of national shale gas production.

A new report from the United States Energy Information Agency depicts that Marcellus will surpass Haynesville, securing its place as a top producer.

Marcellus shale is a gas-rich formation, which comes into existence because of extreme pressure on the rock several feet below the earth’s surface. Due to improvements in drilling technology, the shale offered maximum production resulting in plenty of job opportunities and loads of profits.

As a result of mass production, consumers have relief as natural gas prices will drop soon.

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