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Gas Prices Expected to Rise $4 a Gallon

As the refinery shutdown along the Gulf Coast in expectation of Tropical Strom Isaac together with a minor pipeline shutdown in Illinois, Michigan gas prices are expected to mount $4 a gallon.

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Natural Gas: Can It Really Help Reduce Global Warming?

After the United States marked the lowest level of Carbon-dioxide emissions this winter, it is believed that natural gas would help reduce global warming while acting as an alternative to coal for the production of electricity.

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State benefits from the Most Efficient & Cleanest Gas Plant

The 300-megawatt Lodi Energy Center, is being touted as the future of the gas plant to generate electricity. The German manufacturer Siemens A.G. has designed and built the turbine. The turbine features quick start capacity which enables the facility to … Continue reading

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Marcellus Shale: Top Natural Gas Field of the United States

The figures from energy industry analysts and the federal government depicts that Marcellus Shale is just going to become the most productive natural gas field in US.

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