Mongolia Wants Planned Russia-China Gas Pipeline to Pass through its Territories

Credit: Glen Dillon / CC BY 3.0

A Natural gas pipeline between Russia -China was in the works. Now Mongolia is pushing for the pipeline to pass through Mongolia. Mongolia is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Right now, it has its eye on tapping the clean fuel source of natural gas by ensuring the passing of the pipeline through its own territory.

Passing through Mongolia, the pipeline would be able to cut down on 1000 kilometres. Additionally, Mongolia would be able to access natural gas for heating purposes. At present, the use of coal stoves makes it the most polluted city in the world.

The Mongolian President expressed it as a sound and economically beneficial decision. He urged Russia and China to include Mongolia in this pipeline project. Both China and Russia have agreed to discuss the proposal put forward by Mongolia.

The natural gas pipeline project between Russia and China has been on the table for a decade. Now Mongolia is another player in the project.  Mongolia is suffering from power shortages that could prove fatal to the development of its economy. So Mongolia’s demand to be included in the project sounds like a sane decision.

Russia states that the whole project will be based on economic feasibility. The pipeline would take gas from the Siberian fields to Western China via a borderline sandwiched between Kazakhstan and Mongolia. However, doubts have been raised over this route as gas is mostly required in China’s industrially developed eastern territory. A pipeline from western Siberia would also have been shorter and cut down the miles, thus reducing expenses.

It remains to be seen what route ultimately comes into existence.

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