Ohio Gas Price Hikes While National Average Drops

Natural Gas

Credit: CC0

The prices on Ohio gas are levitating under $4, symbolising economic weakness in the United States. The drop in oil prices has remarkably influenced other places as well.

On 11th June 2012, the average Ohio gas prices for a regular gallon were about $3.58, according to the auto club AAA survey, the Oil Prices Information Service and Weight Express. The average price might have climbed up by 2 cents from a week ago, but it failed to reach the average of $ 3.71 at this time last year.

One big reason for reducing oil prices is higher production. Oil prices have also got influenced by weak job growth in the U.S, a deepening financial crisis in Spain and slowing growth in China.

The average price for regular gas is $ 3.54 across the nation, but the price has dropped down a nickel from last week.


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