Leaking Gas In UK North Sea Completely Stopped: Total UK Ltd.

A G4 natural gas well in UK was leaking since March 25th 2012. Located on the Elgin complex near Aberdeen in the UK North Sea, the leaking well was kept under close observation for 5 days before starting the preventive measures.

According to ‘Total UK Ltd.’, the efforts have finally resulted in stopping the leakage. To achieve the success in fixing the leakage, heavy mud was loaded into the well and the leak was eventually stopped after 12 rigorous hours of continuous efforts. The following check declared that the leak remained stopped, said Total UK on May 21. Total UK also said that rate of leaking gas was around 2 kg per second, but due to the kill operation the leakage was reduced to 0.5 kg/sec.

Since the leak has been fixed, Total UK now targets the next step. It expects workers to return to Elgin complex and restart the Viking and set cement plugs in the G4 well.

Due to the heavy leakage, the production on Elgin and Franklin gas fields was stopped and the area near Elgin and an adjacent drilling rig, the Rowan Viking was evacuated.  Around 240 people were moved away to other safer places, revealed the reports.

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