Energy from Waste

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The Lockwood Landfill in Nevada will help produce 3.2 megawatts of electricity using landfill gas. This will be Nevada’s first and only Gas to Energy power plant. The project will use landfill gas, produced on-site to generate electricity. The energy generated from this power plant will be able to power around 1,800 homes.

Gas is created when organic materials such as food and yard waste decompose. Methane comprises of 55% of this gas. Collection pipes are placed all over to site to collect this gas which is then directed to the power plant. Here, it will be used as fuel to run two generators. It will also aid in reducing the use of coal, required to run about 700 rail cars.

Landfill gas has several advantages over fossil fuels or even wind and solar energy. The key advantage is that it is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). Also it works independent of environmental factors which is not the case for wind and solar energy. It can relied on even in peak hours. It performs as an economical alternative to other fuel sources such as natural gas.

Waste Management either owns or operates around 131 landfill Gas to Energy projects throughout North America. In all, it produces enough energy to power around 475,000 homes. When combined with its other energy projects, in all it produces over 9 million megawatts of energy per year. This is enough to power more than 1.1 million homes.

The Lockwood Landfill project ensures that even garbage will be utilised. Waste Management by investing in this project is using garbage that will be left on the curb to provide power to homes.

Waste Management is a leader in the landfill gas to energy projects and has been inĀ  operation for almost two decades. It is responsible for more gas to energy projects than any other company in North America. The company prides itself on using technology that derives the maximum benefit from the waste stream.

Waste Management provides waste and recycling services to around 131,000 customers in northern Nevada. Its subsidiaries handle collection, recycling,disposal service, transfer and resource recovery. The company caters to residential, commercial, mucicipal and industrial customers in Northern Nevada.

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