Gas Prices above Expectation in January

According to the American Automobile Association, Inc. (AAA) Club South reports, the gas prices were above expectation in January 2012. It has broken more than a decade record, which is being evaluated since 2000.

Jessica Brady, the spokeswoman of AAA, said that the state average per gallon was $3.55 on the 30th of January 2012, which climbed up to 6 cents the last week.

Brady said: “Florida’s average is the highest that we’ve seen at this time of year, at least as far back as … the year 2000.” She added that “Consumers are likely to see gas prices increase again this week.”

On 27th January 2012, it was striking to know that Oil barrel prices soared around $ 100 in the commodity market.

Brady said that such hair-raising prices might be good for the world financial markets. However, it is a concern for several refineries across the nation and affecting total domestic output. She added that various shutdowns are because of irregular maintenance, lack of profits as well as repair.

With an average price of $ 3.15 in the Jacksonville metro area, Brady said it is difficult to say how much price will increase in the future.

The American Automobile Association, Inc. remarked that the Last week’s national average of more than $3.40 per gallon set the first time record in nearly three months price rise to a notable level. The domestic prices on gas on 30th of January 2012 significantly dropped less than the all-time high of $4.08 per gallon as noticed in July 2008.

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