Natural Gas Industry Counts On Decline In Demand Of Coal

Gaskessel_gr(Creative Commons/Igelball)

Credit: Igelball / CC BY-SA 3.0

There is plenty of natural gas in the marketplace with abundant sources, but the demand is comparatively less. The expert quotes that it is crucial to find the ways where gas can be utilized. Amongst the thoughts, power generation is the obvious and beneficial option where natural gas can be used.

According to Baker Hughes, which tracks rig counts, the fully operational drilling rigs in North American gas fields have fallen by 14 %. The experts in the industry say that the gas industry is indicating blooms and growth. Electricity generators are being encouraged to use gas as an alternative to coal for generating electricity.

The natural gas industry players are now relying on the winter season for higher prices in 2011, increasing the demand for natural gas to heat-up the homes and offices.

Since a long time ago, the U.S. has been using natural gas for heating purposes, as offices and homes became more energy efficient.

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