Natural Gas Key to U.S. Energy Security

Natural Gas

Credit: Hugh Chevallier / CC BY-SA 2.0

In a conversation on the Platts Energy Week, all-energy television news and talk program aired on Sundays in the United States, the former President Jimmy Carter said that the US is not likely to use its abandon green energy in upcoming days. However, the country’s huge natural gas reserves are assets that can provide energy security for the future requirements.

Jimmy Carter also pointed out that the creation of the Department of Energy in 1977 was a legacy and a strong step that set in motion energy conservation and renewable energy as well. In an interview from the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta, he further explained that these things were responsible for sheering oil prices.

Once Carter pledged that he would strive to generate 20% of the country’s electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. However, this dream appears too far to be a reality  because of the current rate of speed.

Jimmy Carter, pointing out successive presidents who didn’t continue the policies that he had dreamt of for the future and the project, said that the consecutive presidents after his session belonging to Democratic and Republican were satisfied with the nation’s energy security and its reliance on fossil fuels.

Hinting to the most recent discovery of substantial natural gas reserves, Jimmy Cater also added that the gas exploration was a positive sign for the US when it comes to reducing the burden on foreign energy imports.

Jimmy Cater said that the discovery has changed his point of view and will look forward to accomplishing the goal by utilizing natural resources instead of its substitute solar energy.

Crediting President Barack Obama’s current energy policy, Carter said that he is content with president’s energy efficiency standards and new fuel rules for cars. However, president failed to control emissions of greenhouse gases, Carter added.

Content with President Clinton’s effort in trying to bring changes, Carter appreciated his step to follow the (Kyoto) agreement. He also praised George H.W. Bush who attempted to bear same shoes as worn by President Clinton. Carter exclaimed that the President George W. Bush didn’t try any initiative to accomplish old commitments.

He also stated that he would have taken different decision if he was aware of such a drastic climatic change. Moreover he added that he would not have promoted conventional sources such as coal.

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/Hugh Chevallier

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