Natural Gas Industry Job Opportunities in the United States

Market surveys predict that there can be many job opportunities if the government thinks of utilizing huge potential in Natural gas. Studying a new report on the subject that tells about the importance of drilling in the area of natural gas is essential to boost the economy. The United States has about 300 wells that provide up to 37 500 employment opportunities per year.

The Business Council of New York State displayed on its reports that as a result of huge job potential, much involvement has been seen by the private sector, particularly in northern Pennsylvania, to open the door for lots of job opportunities.

The Public Policy Institute stressed that the Southern tier of New York State could generate high-paying jobs with extra perks by encouraging the same kind of activity.

The Business Council of New York State working president and chief executive Heather Briccetti clarified in the report that a balanced approach to natural gas extraction in Marcellus Shale could generate thousands of new jobs, real property tax benefits and increased tax revenue.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistic collected figures, it is clear that up to 0.2% of enhancement has been seen in average hourly earnings for all workers in the United States between May and June 2011.

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