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Natural Gas flaring on the rise in Texas and North Dakota

Flaring is the process of burning natural gas which cannot be harnessed to produce oil. It was once a general norm. This has angered environmentalists as flaring causes global warming, air pollution, and natural resource waste. The current main reason … Continue reading

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Natural Gas Industry Job Opportunities in the United States

Market surveys predict that there can be many job opportunities if the government thinks of utilizing huge potential in Natural gas. Studying a new report on the subject that tells about the importance of drilling in the area of natural … Continue reading

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Honda Civic GX drivers allowed access to CA HOV Lane until 2015

Honda Company recently announced that California drivers of the new Civic GX and Civic Natural Gas would be able to carry on with their use of the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) highway lane until 2015.

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Consumption of Natural gas to generate electricity increases, trade group takes on shale gas reports

Usage of Natural Gas in 2010 to generate electricity was higher by 38% than that in 2001. It was greater this year, about seven billion cubic feet per day more than 2010, reports U.S. Energy Information Administration on Wednesday.

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